Public Value Summit

At Your Public Value, we consider that public value is value-created for all through positive action in the name of society and the environment. And we also understand how rich this field can be. That’s why we wanted to hear from international experts and leaders who invest most of their time and talent to promoting public value.

With globalisation, the scope of responsibility has changed for individuals, governments, and business. We believe it is essential to keep a multi-stakeholder approach and learn from representatives from the private sector and civil society. As flying to international conferences is all but sustainable, we decided to record our conversations with them. Publishing these interviews at once allows us to better promote their vision and offer the public access to these experts’ thoughts and findings.

There is no local societal or environmental challenge that does not sooner or later impact our world at a global level. We see the damage industrialisation often inflicts on the planet. We witness the tragedies of forced migration linked to conflicts and climate change. Sadly poverty continues to widespread.

Our world is at a crisis point, suffering from an economic status quo that aggravates climate change and poverty. The world economy must urgently embrace solutions to positively impact on society and the environment. The Public Value approach allows business to do this while ensuring their own resilience and sustainability. Expectations are growing for corporations to develop a growth strategy that addresses the world’s sustainability and societal challenges.

We are grateful to these sustainability experts and leaders who offered their time and expertise to share their understanding of how public value can be co-created. Feel free to watch these interviews in full, download the podcast, or read their highlights. In some cases, we also offer additional resources. We hope you will enjoy listening to these various approaches and learning from these experts. We wish you an excellent experience. Leave us your comments at the bottom of each page!